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SCS Janitorial Solutions – December 2019

What a Year!
As we close out 2019, we just want to thank our loyal customers, hard-working employees and all the vendor partners we love to network with throughout the year!
Sunset (SCS) has expanded our business and hired on new support staff in Operations, Accounting and HR to fulfill the need of our business. We’re fortunate to have brought in great staff, and look forward to making introductions if you haven’t already met.
We are also implementing new business management tools for quality controls and managing our business. Exciting stuff and we couldn’t be more geared up for 2020!
We appreciate all the support and Happy Holidays!
Kirk Bolduc
Email: kirk@sunsetserv.com
Cell: (619) 252-4999
Budgets for 2020! Considerations…
With 2020 comes new budgets, and many of us just finalized them and are looking at their service providers even closer now, particularly in California, with minimum wage hiking to $13/hour across the state. Some principalities already past that figure. We understand your pain!
Let us know if we can assist! We can explain pricing and be a resource! Request a quote by filing out this simple on-line request!
Pressure Washing Projects!
We have the we big guns to help with large or small projects, utilizing our trained technicians with our hot water, full recapture trailers. Whether it be building sidings removing dirt and soot from stucco, servicing large subterranean and above ground garages, cleaning stairwells, courtyards, corridors or trash enclosures and rooms, we have the tools to do it all! Get a quote HERE .
Contact us! (877) 536-2777 or info@sunsetserv.com
We Can Help You Weather The Storm
We are here to help you and your team during these crazy storms/weather. If your property is subject to flooding, incurs floor damage of any kind, or just in need of additional hands on deck, don’t hesitate to call us! We Can Help!
We can provide sand bags, help moving furniture, water extraction w/our trailer pressure washing equipment and vacuums and basically provide extra hands, if needed!
Contact us! (877) 536-2777 or info@sunsetserv.com

Employee of the Month

Esperanza Sandoval!
Esperanza Sandoval , Espy, as we like to call her, joined SCS back in July 2018 as an Account Supervisor and has helped us grow and manage our OC account portfolio and large LA properties at a great level of care and attention! She is our Employee of the Month!
Espy’s warmth and disarming nature not only aids in making our employees feel supported but also our valued customers – They feel taken care of and know that any issues will be addressed and resolved asap!
Espy is a proud mom of 2 loving daughters and is Grandma to one! When not working, you can find her catching a movie or spending time with her family. We appreciate Espy for her strong dedication to customer service and to our Team! Cheers, Espy!

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